Digital Marketing for Dentists: An Insight to Acquiring More Patients

If your dental marketing strategy is still not digital, it’s time for an overhaul. Digital marketing facilitates dentists to connect with new patients on search engines, social media, email, and their dental websites.

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Internet has changed the way a patient finds a dentist. Today, patients have endless online options to choose a dentist. The most frequently used options are Search engines, Social Media Platforms, Youtube, Reviews and Business Directory Listings and much more. These online options enable a new patient to make a decision about who to choose.

As for a dentist, it’s difficult to be found by a new patient online as the internet is continuously growing and evolving. It’s getting competitive too to reach new patients. If your dental practice does not have a strong online presence then you would definitely be losing out some patients.

Relying solely on Traditional marketing methods may act as an obstacle from reaching new and prospective patients for a dentist. In my experience, I’ve found that prospective patients tend to select providers who made a strong impression with a wide internet presence and positive reviews, strong reputation & authority, and an interesting website.

So, lets look no further and dive deep to understand how Digital Marketing can aid in growing your dental care.

  1. Search Engine Optimization
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SEO when implemented effectively, can help dentists attract new customers consistently. A Good SEO Strategy raises the website’s ranking on search Engines which in turn would aid in getting appointments online. The Most frequent search terms like “dentists near me, best dentist near me, root canal treatment near me “and so on are the examples of patients looking out for dentists online. A well Implemented SEO Strategy can help your dental care appearing on top when patients look out for similar search terms.

2. Social Media Marketing

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A well-managed Social media platform acts as a bridge between a dentist and their patients. It is very important for a dentist to extend their exceptional service not only during the patient visits but also later. Social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) acts as a medium to extend such service.

Merely having a social media account and posting a couple of times over a week or a month alone may not be sufficient. A Dentist needs to communicate regularly and effectively by answering their queries, providing informative posts and advertising on any new offers and discounts. Building a tribe is also another effective way to communicate with the patients and build trust.

One effective way of handling social Media marketing is to use a content calendar. When the content is planned in advance, one can easily pivot when trends arise.

3. Online Advertising

The Online advertising model (PPC) will help acquire new patients from search engines in the fastest way. Google’s PPC network (Google Ads) allows you to advertise your practice on the different websites your potential patients visit— including on Google search results (as text ads), on any website (as image or video ads), and on YouTube (as video ads).

4. Dental Video Marketing

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Video Contents are very crucial for healthcare industry since Google research says, about more than 1 billion health related searches happen every day, with Facebook and Instagram showing the highest user engagement rates with respect to video contents. Hence, it is Imperative for dentists to create and distribute video contents in order to attract your patient’s attention.

I hope the article helped you understand the significance of Digital marketing for a dentist to promote your practice and to acquire new patients. It’s time to upgrade your outdated dental marketing techniques so that you don’t inadvertently send patients to your competition.

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